Chris Brush Drums – Drum Examples You Can See and Hear

What Does a Session Drummer Do?

Modern tools allow artists to create meaningful music without requiring an artist or producer to book a commercial recording facility in a busy music production city. If you have not worked with professional session musicians in such a setting, you may wonder what you can expect and what hired professionals can do to elevate your project.

Chris Brush taps into his years of experience playing on recordings in studios both big and small to craft dynamic, energetic, passionate performances that push your song’s production to the forefront. But what does that look like when Chris is working for you?

Chris invites you to take a small look into what he does both in a more traditional multi-player session and in recording solo for different artist projects. Examine the nuances and benefits of both approaches and know you are in good hands when you send your tracks.

Download FREE Multi-Track Drum Examples

Check out what you get when you hire Chris Brush! Download 24 bit, 48khz WAV multi-tracks to evaluate in your DAW.


Chris Brush Drum Tracks Empower You with Possibilities

Every client deserves some customization on their drum sessions — music recording is definitely not a “one size fits all” process. That said, most modern timelines and budgets rarely have the luxury of indulging in hours of mic/signal chain experimentation and drastic kit changes between songs. So, how does a modern session drummer offer maximum efficiency (reliable, repeatable sonic quality with an emphasis on in-the-moment creativity) AND customization (the attention to detail and willingness to chase whatever is required to suit the song at hand)?

Chris finds balance in offering clients “over-capture” — multiple simultaneous mic configurations. Some mics hear the drums from a more vintage perspective while others cover more modern territory. A grouping of room mics offer both modest ambience and bombastic distance. The mics are always on and listening to every take. While Chris changes the little things as he hears the need — snare drums, cymbals, number of toms, muffling, and tuning, the mic setup largely stays the same. This frees Chris to concentrate on the performance of the material and empowers the client with extensive options at mixdown. Check out this video example and how the same basic setup can yield tracks that allow the drums to be tonal chameleons and fit the tune precisely.

Download FREE Multi-Track Drum Examples

Check out what you get when you hire Chris Brush! Download 24 bit, 48khz WAV multi-tracks to evaluate in your DAW.


If You Need Something More – Chris Does That Too

Some sessions need something so unique that a standard setup just doesn’t work. What if you want an all-percussion kit, super small sounds, ridiculously treated acoustics, and the like? Chris does that too — just ask! Here are some rather “non-standard” drum examples.

Download Some Sample Drum Tracks to Experience!

Want to get your hands on some tracks to evaluate? Great! Chris whipped out this little groove and made the multi-tracks available. What you are downloading is exactly what you get when Chris is working for you. All drum examples are 48khz, 24 bit interleaved WAV files. Below is a video of Chris’ performance of the tracks you are downloading.


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