The “Get it Right” Guarantee – Like Drum Tracking Insurance

The Chris Brush 'Get It Right' Guarantee

Rest Easy

Chris Brush makes every effort to ensure that a client’s vision for a song comes through in his drum tracking, whether or not they can be present at the session. His intuition and experience as both a player and producer rarely steer a song in the wrong direction. As a matter of fact, Chris offers the option of guarantee that the tracks you get from him will be what you want — or he’ll play them again.

Why Offer a Drum Tracking Guarantee?

Chris Brush makes every effort to understand client expectations and ideas before an online drum session. Chris also provides multiple takes for Basic Master and Custom Master session packages to offer choices. Maybe a client didn’t know whether he/she liked an idea until they heard it (and they didn’t like it). Maybe a producer wanted more ghost notes, less ghost notes, more aggressive playing, more lazy playing, hi-hats on the bridge, etc. Chris’ guarantee ensures clients get what they want from their drum tracking session. The guarantee promises that Chris is not recording half-hearted takes, uploading the results, taking a client’s money, and jadedly calling out “NEXT!” Chris does what he does because he loves music. The “Get it Right” Guarantee is a way of proving that to a client.

What Do I Get?

Chris’ guarantee states that he will re-cut any master, if necessary, up to two additional times, free of charge to the satisfaction of the client. There are minimal limitations that apply:

  • the guarantee is included free of charge on all Custom Master session packages, and for $75 for all Basic Master session packages.
  • if after two re-cuts, Chris still has not delivered the performance desired, the standard session rate applies should a third re-tracking be requested
  • the guarantee does not apply to Demo sessions (clients are encouraged to ask for an alternate take to cover anything they are not yet sure of)
  • re-cuts are not scheduled like normal sessions and are fit into the daily session schedule based on Chris’ work load


If you have more specific questions that were not answered above, feel free to browse Chris’ FAQ here or contact Chris here!