Drum Tracking Packages – Pricing and Add-Ons

Pricing Tiers for Drum Tracking

There are three pricing tiers for drum tracking session packages — Demo, Basic Master, and Custom Master. Simply choose the one that’s right for your project. For each tier, Chris offers a rate per song with discounts available based on volume. To inquire further about prices, please contact Chris directly.

  • Demo
  • Song demos for industry writers and publishers
      • For songwriters and publishers looking to demo songs for artist pitches Chris offers demo scale rates. Contact for pricing.
        • Fantastic quality drum multi-tracks
        • Any necessary comping included
        • All Add-Ons available for purchase
  • Basic Master
  • Fantastic drum tracks for your project
      • Per Song: $150
        • Fantastic quality drum multi-tracks
        • Any necessary comping included
        • At least one alternate take included
        • All Add-Ons available for purchase
        • “Get it Right” Guarantee available for $75
  • Custom Master
  • Enjoy ultimate customization and service
      • Per Song: $225
        • Your choice of drum kit included (even vary the kit per song)
        • Fantastic quality drum multi-tracks
        • Any necessary comping included
        • Alternate takes included
        • Beat Detective Add-On included (if requested)
        • Sample Hits Add-On included for each kit setup
        • Percussion Overdubs Add-On included (if requested)
        • Pre-Mixing Add-On available for purchase
        • MIDI Transcription Add-On available for purchase
        • Note-for-note Transcription Add-On available for purchase
        • “Get it Right” Guarantee included

Add-On Session Services

Add value to your session by selecting any of these additional options for your song or session. All Add-Ons except Pre-Mixing, Note-for-Note Transcription, and MIDI Transcription are included (if requested) for Custom Master drum tracking session packages.

Percussion Overdubs & Loop Creation - $25/song

Chris can add anything from shakers, tambos, and found object grooves to programmed or live-layered loops. He can provide multiple tracks or edit them into a stereo stem. Whatever you need! Included in Custom Master sessions. This add-on is not necessary for percussion only sessions.

Hit Samples - $25/song

Get medium and hard hit samples of each drum and cymbal for each unique kit setup in your session. If you use samples in your mix to augment the drums, nothing sounds more natural and complimentary than isolated samples from the same kit. Included in Custom Master sessions.

Beat Detection or Grid Editing - $50/hour

Whether using pre-quantized loops or keeping in step with modern production trends, sometimes you just need drums to be “on the grid.” If that's the case, never hesitate to ask. Assuming a single take on each song, Chris can usually edit 2-3 songs per hour. Included (if desired) in Custom Master sessions.

Note-for-Note Transcription - $75/song

Do you feel your programmed patterns and fills are things you cannot live without? Chris will do his best to reproduce a programmed drum part note-for-note.

Pre-Mixing - $50/song

Draw on Chris' extensive mixing experience! In addition to your high quality raw drum tracks, you receive mixed drum stems that further tailor the recorded tracks to your song and save you work in your mix!

MIDI Transcription - $75/song

Get your drum tracks converted to a MIDI performance. Great for making groove loops for demo songs when used with any number of drum VSTis.

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