Chris Brush’s FAQ – Remote Drum Sessions, Gear, and the Recording Process

Have Some Questions for Chris?

Below you will hopefully find everything you wanted to know about hiring Chris Brush for remote drum sessions. If the question you have is not covered in the answers Chris gives here, feel free to reach out to Chris directly and ask away!

Why use you? What makes you unique?

Fair enough. I actually have a whole page dedicated to just that subject here.

Where can I hear and see examples of your work?

On this page, you can see and hear examples of what you get as a client. In addition, you can download some drum multi-tracks for your evaluation.

What are you rates?

It depends on the project. I have divided my rates up into tiers for demo sessions, basic master sessions and custom master sessions. Each tier has rates per song, with volume discounts available. The rates are outlined here or you can always contact me directly.

What's the process for online/remote drum sessions?

Find out all about the recording process in detail here.

What drums do you use when recording?

I have several different kits and even more snares I choose from depending on the project. You can learn more here.

What gear do you use to record the drums?

A fine question. I actually have a page on that for your perusal.

Can you describe the studio where you record?

Sure! PlethoraTone is a overwhelmingly equipped 4-room full production studio in Nashville, TN I helped build and co-own. It’s where I do remote drum sessions as well as local tracking sessions, full production, and mixing. You can learn more about the studio here.

What musical styles are your forte?

Short answer: anything. Long answer: I think a good way of describing myself is as a rock/pop drummer with a jazz leaning who ends up a little left of center from the norm. I feel I have a creative approach to many styles. There’s a lot of diversity in the projects I work on and you can see and hear some of that on my examples page.

Do you create loops or use electronic percussion?

Absolutely. Found objects, crazy mics, weird filters, samples, drum triggers, etc. I can sequence loops with software and/or play and alter them live. This service is available as one of my drum Add-On Session Services.

Do you play other percussion instruments?

I do. In addition to the simple things like shaker and tambourine, I studied a decent amount of Latin and Afro-Cuban percussion styles and instruments during my formative years. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not great at keyboard or mallet percussion like marimba, xylophone, or vibes.

Can I work with you to get custom sounds for my session?

Yes, indeed! If you wish to customize your remote drum sessions, I offer that through my Custom Master session package.

Can you set up bigger sessions with more players?

Of course! Tracking sessions are always more fun with other musicians. While this site focuses primarily on my remote drumming services, PlethoraTone (my studio) is fully equipped for larger rhythm section sessions and does a lot of them. Typically, larger sessions are booked through the studio and not via Chris Brush Drums. Learn more about the studio at

I want to produce the remote session I booked. How does VPN recording work?

It’s pretty cool. After a quick download on your end, I can give you information prior to the session allowing you to log in to the studio’s computer and actually control the recording and playback of Pro Tools and monitor the audio live (on a slight buffer to allow for uninterrupted streaming). Communication is handled through Skype. You can find out more about the VPN setup here.

What is “Pre-Mixing?”

Pre-Mixing is one of my Add-On Session Services. Some clients mix projects themselves and desire tracks that are as “plug and play” as possible. I offer them my mixing experience to help further craft and tweak the drum tracks for the songs in question. I send along processed stereo stems of the close mics, ambient mics, and effects. More on that here.

Do you edit/comp/beat detect?

Since I do a fair amount of production myself, I am at home with comping together multiple takes and usually do so free of charge. If you want your drums on the grid, I charge a small fee to do the aligning/quantizing for clients.

What if the tracks I get back aren't quite what I expected?

With remote drum sessions, I try to communicate enough with the producer and artist prior to an online drum session that this never comes up. On the off chance that such a thing does happen, I offer my “Get It Right” Guarantee.

Can I hire you outside your studio?

Of course! I love working at other places. This site is primarily dedicated to bringing online/remote work through my studio (PlethoraTone), but is in no way intended to deter people from hiring me in the traditional sense for a session somewhere else. I record plenty around town and always love working with other engineers and players. Contact me and let me know what you’re looking to do.

What else do you do?

I do quite a bit of mixing and do a fair amount of writing and production.