Chris Brush’s Drum Recording Process – How an Online Drum Session Works

Drum Session Overview

Below is an overview of the recording process when you hire Chris for an online drum session. If you wish to record an entire rhythm section or something more than just drums, please contact Chris’ studio directly here.

1: Determine Your Needs

Choose a Session Package and any additional Add-On Session Services that best meet your needs. After booking your online drum session, you can send your roughs and guide tracks via a file transfer service like Dropbox, Hightail, Box, etc. If you’re local, you can always attend the session(s) and bring by a USB or Firewire drive with your material on it.

2: Prepare/Send Your Files and Performance Notes

When the online drum session is booked, you will need to make sure the files you send are set up to facilitate efficiency. Here is what you should send along:

  • Files should be 24-bit, consolidated (starting at measure 1, beat 1), WAV format
  • Make sure you let Chris know the desired recording sample rate of the session
  • As for what to send, please provide the following for each song:
    • The tempo (if the song involves a more complex tempo map, please contact Chris to discuss how to provide tempo info and markers via a MIDI export)
    • A stereo stem of all instruments minus any scratch drums
    • A stereo stem of any vocals
    • A stereo stem of any scratch drum tracks (if they exist) — especially if they provide any specific patterns you wish to be played
  • If you are in doubt as to what to send or how to send it, just reach out and Chris will be more than happy to advise.

Along with your files, you should send any reference tracks and/or performance notes and expectations. These will help make sure that Chris delivers exactly the right drum tracks for your project.

3: The Session

Now it’s time for Chris to do what he does best! He records your tracks and performs any selected Add-On Session Services. Check out the video below to see Chris at work and learn what you can expect for your session!

4: Make Convenient Payment Arrangements

Payment is conveniently accepted via PayPal. While full payment is not required for Chris to schedule your online drum session, full payment is required before Chris can release any multi-tracks. Chris sends you an invoice for your records at the completion of the session.

5: What You Receive

You will receive a zipped archive containing the raw drum tracks for each song in your project via Dropbox. In each song’s folder, you will find:

  • the consolidated multi-track WAV files for each drum mic (stereo files are interleaved)
  • any alternate takes and percussion or loop elements (if you opted for the percussion overdub and loop creation Add-On) labeled appropriately and placed in sub-directories
  • if you opted for the beat detection Add-On , all files (including alternate takes) will be beat detected and grid aligned
  • if you opted for the hit sample Add-On, you will have an additional sub-directory with hit samples for each unique drum setup
  • if you opted for the MIDI transcription Add-On, you will receive an additional sub-directory with any pertinent MIDI files of the drum performance(s).

Want to hear what you get? Check out examples and download multi-tracks!

Examples & Download

If You Would Like Pre-Mixing…

If you opted for the drum track pre-mixing Add-On, Chris will ask for reference songs to make sure the tracks are headed in the correct production direction. The pre-mixed tracks you receive will come in addition to the multi-track files from your online drum session. For each song on which pre-mixed drums are requested, you will receive:

  • a stereo (interleaved) stem of the close mics (kicks, snares, hats, toms, overheads)
  • a stereo (interleaved) stem of the ambient mics (rooms, mono crush, etc.)
  • a stereo (interleaved) stem of any effects used (reverb, delay, etc.)

Backup of Your Project

Chris will do his best to keep your finished drum tracks and sessions on his drives until you have confirmed that the files have been successfully imported to your DAW and are satisfactory (see The “Get it Right” Guarantee). After this point, Chris will retain only the recall sheets for your project. The actual project data and relevant files will be your responsibility to backup as you see fit.

Have Some Questions?

Check out Chris’ FAQ section. If that fails to answer your questions, contact Chris directly. He’d love to chat about recording drums and answer any questions you have.