VPN Online Drum Sessions – Attend a Chris Brush Online Drum Session From Anywhere

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networking. If you know what it is and how to do it, skip ahead to the next section. If you don’t, here’s the skinny. Anyone with a computer can use VPN software to set up their computer as a server that publishes its IP and certain network properties to the Internet. Other people (users) with the correct IP and user credentials can download a VPN client app, log in, and connect to the server from anywhere via a stable Internet connection. Once connected, the user actually sees the server’s screen — just as if they were physically seated in front of the target machine. The user can then control the server from their remote location. Using this technology, Chris can offer clients VPN online drum sessions.

How Chris Conducts VPN Online Drum Sessions

Let’s say a client in Portland, Oregon books a VPN online drum session. Chris will send the client a link to download the VPN viewer app. The client installs the viewer software (available for PC and Mac). At the scheduled time of the session, Chris makes available the IP address and user credentials (which are unique to the session) for his recording machine in the studio in Nashville. The client logs in and sees Chris’ Pro Tools session. From here, the client can run the online drum session and record just like they would locally. All the recorded files are tracked on Chris’ drives and not the client’s local machine (which ensures the highest quality regardless of Internet connection performance). The client can communicate verbally and produce the session via Skype. After the session, Chris takes care of any requested comping, labels files, performs any other Add-On Session Services selected, and uploads them to the cloud for the client to download at their leisure.

The Importance of Bandwidth

VPN online drum sessions will benefit most from a strong broadband Internet connection. The screen refresh rates are dependent on bandwidth and so a high-bandwidth broadband connection will allow the smallest possible lag between your mouse clicks/keyboard commands and the expected response from Pro Tools. The audio from the session will be streaming over the same connection (the audio usually runs with a 2-3 second delay). The higher the bandwidth of your connection, the better the quality of the audio. While it might not work so well to produce the session from a public WiFi hotspot at the local coffee shop, VPN online drum sessions do not require an independent T1 line or anything not regularly available through most FiOS or cable providers.

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