Drum Track Pre-Mixing – True “Plug & Play” Live Drum Tracks

A Good Mix is Everything

Faders Down

Mixing is a crucial step in the production of music. The proper mix features all the right instruments and voices surfacing at the right times to lend credibility to the story the lyrics tell. A good mix can make a song into a powerful experience for the listener. More and more up-and-coming producers and artists are mixing their own material and finding that a killer drum sound can be one of the more difficult elements to achieve. Knowing how to make a snare drum “pop” out of the speakers without eating up the whole mix, knowing when to clear any sonic mud from a kick drum and when to beef it up, how to treat cymbals, providing sufficient ambience, girth, and width to a track, etc. take a lot of experience to figure out. To help, Chris offers his mix experience to clients in the form of drum tracks “Pre-Mixing” – a readily available Add-On Session Service.

The Concept of Pre-Mixing

Chris desires to make good drum sounds a reality for everybody. The Pre-Mixing Add-On is designed to take those fantastic raw drum tracks and tailor-make a finished-sounding drum mix clients can drop into their session without having to slave over a console or DAW full of faders and plugins. Chris takes the raw tracks he records and further shapes them, just like he would in a mix session, using both outboard and in-the-box tools. The result is that the drums sit comfortably in the song and give the client less to worry about in the end. Pre-Mixing is perfect for:

  • Up-and-Coming Artists and Producers who mix their own projects
  • People who are used to working mostly with sampled drum instruments like BFD, EZ Drummer, and the like
  • People who are used to working only with electronic drums or pop-style music loops
  • People who hate too many decisions
  • People who want a fresh perspective for their production

How do You Know What to Do, Chris?

Good question. Chris’ years of experience in the studio helped him to realize early on that he also loved the mix process. Through the years, he honed his mix skills alongside his drumming skills. Chris actively mixes many albums and singles for artists. To hear samples and learn more about Chris Brush’s mixing experience, check out this page on his studio’s website.

A Pre-Mixing Demonstration

When Chris was still in his old drum room, he made this video. It’s a little out-dated, but it explains the concept well. Of course, at PlethoraTone, Chris’ sonic palette has expanded considerably.

Here’s a second example video.

What Do I Get?

When you opt for Pre-Mixing of your drum tracks, you receive (per song):

  • All the raw drum tracks Chris originally recorded for you
  • A Pre-Mixed stereo (interleaved) stem of the drum kit close mics (kick, snare, hh, toms, immediate overheads)
  • A Pre-Mixed stereo (interleaved) stem of the drum kit ambient mics (rooms, mono crush, etc.)
  • One or more Pre-Mixed stereo (interleaved) stems of printed effects used on the drums (snare reverb, kit ambiance, crazy delays, etc.)

You can take these Pre-Mixed drum tracks and use them in your song as is. You can take the Pre-Mixed drum tracks and reinforce them with the raw tracks in parallel. You can take the Pre-Mixed drum tracks and mix them together with drum samples triggered from the individual raw tracks. The options are pretty limitless.

Want to talk to Chris more about Pre-Mixing?

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