Why Use Chris Brush for My Next Remote Drum Session?

What Makes Chris a Great Choice?

Considering hiring a session player for a remote drum session? Here are some reasons that show why Chris pleases clients and is a great choice.

He is a Versatile Drummer and Percussionist

Chris Brush is a Versatile Drummer and Percussionist

Chris has studied and played everything from Rock to Jazz and everything in between. Folky? Check. Hard Rock? Check. New Orleans Funky? Check. Country? Check. Spacey Electronic? Check. Latin? Check. Asian/Klezmer Sub-Oceanic Fusion? Well, I’m sure there’s SOME way. Check out some of Chris’ versatility here.

He has Extensive Studio Experience

Chris is not a newcomer to the session scene or even to a remote drum session. Chris has been playing on various master and demo sessions in and around the Nashville area for over a decade. All that playing under the scrutiny of the mics has given Chris a great deal of experience in providing producers and artists with the professional feel, tone, and performance they desire in a minimum amount of time and with a great attitude. Find out more about Chris here.

Chris Brush has Extensive Studio Drumming Experience

He Offers Multi-Angle Miking Choices on all Recordings

Chris Brush Offers Multi-Angle Drum Miking

Each session is different. Producers and artists often want wildly different things from a drum performance, but they want things done quickly and without the big budget that traditionally provided for a dedicated engineer (and assistant), equipment cartage, and the studio time necessary for switching, tuning, and miking different setups. Chris addresses this issue by providing “over-capture” – different complementary sets of microphones recording the drums that allow you to dial in the sound you’re looking for. Check out how Chris does it here.

He is an Experienced Engineer and Producer

Part of what makes Chris such an instinctual and musically sensitive player is the fact that he also is an experienced engineer and producer. His production skills come into play behind the kit on every remote drum session. Chris listens to the song as a whole, and creates a part that fits in and communicates the intent of the music. His engineer talents ensure Chris gets the sound a client wants for his/her music, be it in the recording or mix phase. Find out more about Chris’ engineering here and production work here.

Chris Brush is an Experienced Engineer and Producer

He Owns a Studio with Top-Notch Tools

Chris Brush Owns a Top-Notch Studio

Chris’ Nashville studio is a fantastic, full-production, multi-room facility. Dubbed “PlethoraTone,” it lives up to it’s name in that it offers an enviable array of drums, mics, and outboard gear (pres, compressors, eqs, fx) with a personal, non-intimidating vibe. Years in the making, PlethoraTone is a joint effort between Chris and studio owner/guru Mark Lange. Chris always has one of four kits set up, tuned, and ready to rock at a moment’s notice. Find out more about the studio here.

He Offers Valuable Add-On Session Services

Besides just recording great sounding drum tracks, Chris offers clients additional services that can further enhance their remote drum session. Choose from Add-Ons like percussion overdubs and loop creation, drum samples from your session, pre-mixing drum enhancement, note-for-note performances of programmed parts, track editing and grid alignment, and MIDI transcription. Get more form your drum tracks! Find out about Chris’ Add-On Session Services here.

  • Percussion Overdubs
  • Loop Creation
  • Editing & Alignment
  • Hit Samples
  • Note-for-Note Performance
  • Pre-Mixing
  • MIDI Transcription

He Offers Flexible Pricing Options

Basic Masters
Custom Masters

Recording budgets are a shadow of what they used to be. Producers and artists are looking to get the most bang for their buck. Chris offers multiple pricing tiers to put choice back in the hands of the client. All pricing tiers yield passionately performed, top quality drum tracks. Premium packages offer valuable customizations to further enhance your session experience. Within each pricing tier, Chris ensures clients only pay for what they need with per-song rates, three hour session rates, and day rates. Determine the package that’s right for your next project here.

He Guarantees His Work

It can be daunting for non-local producers to send tracks to someone they’ve never met or worked with and trust that the resulting parts will match the artist’s musical vision. The “Get it Right” Guarantee is like insurance for your session. Available for free with the Custom Master session package and for purchase with the Basic Master package, if you are not satisfied with your drum tracks, Chris will find time to redo and address your concerns without you having to pay for another session. That said, most first-time clients find that Chris’ studio instincts are rarely out of place. Learn more about the “Get it Right” Guarantee here.

The Chris Brush 'Get It Right' Guarantee

Check out examples of Chris' work and download some sample sounds!

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